Best Time to Travel to Bhutan

Trekking is the only way to explore and discover one of the most remote kingdoms on earth.

Whether you are looking for a one-day hike or a grueling 25-day adventure, Bhutan has it all.  Pristine mountain lakes, imposing glaciers and some of the world’s most endangered species await you in the mountainous amphitheatre of the Bhutan’s eastern Himalayas.

The best way to see Bhutan is on foot, lugging tents and food on yaks, the quintessential beast of burden. Typically, you begin a trek in Bhutan from a forest of scented pine trees on the lower slopes before entering brooding oak forests where gnarled branches drip with velvety green moss.

Above you, the ancient forests of cypress, spruce, juniper and birch cling improbably to sheer cliffs where their feathery branches catch the sun and line the mountains with tinsel. As you climb higher beyond the trees through a field of trumpet gentian and edelweiss and gorse bushes, you emerge on to a landscape so bleak yet so beautiful with mountain ranges spreading all the way to the horizon

A trek in Bhutan may or may not affect your body. But it will certainly affect your spirit.

Testimonials Sometimes a packaged holiday comes so much with a predefined set of takeaways, but The Destination Bhutan offered so much freedom of choice that it did not feel like a packaged holiday at all.

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