Trekking Tips

Trekking Tips

Whether you are looking for a single day hike or a week long adventure, Bhutan is the ideal place. Adorned with imposing glaciers and mountain glaciers, the country is a favorite place for trekking enthusiasts. The Snowman Trek, which covers 356 km, is an ideal destination for adventurers. Daily walking distances across Bhutan’s treks vary as per their routes.

However, one interesting thing to note is that in Bhutan, animals carry all types of trekking supplies. So, you won’t find porters to carry your food, kitchen utensils and camping equipment. Loads here are normally carried by horses, and in higher altitudes by yaks. While trekking, you will be accompanied by a guide, cook, and a horseman. They will guide you through the passes in course of the expedition. They will handle the setup of tents and cooking.

The trekking gear that you will have to carry will vary depending on the height. For trekking across low altitudes, you will need to have running shoes, camp shoes, socks, fiber filled jacket, hiking pants, umbrella, self inflating mattresses, torch and photographic equipment. However, if you are planning for treks that are over 4000m then you will need to use different type of trekking equipment like mountain trekking boots, socks for wearing with boots, nylon windbreaker, nylon wind pants, insulated pants, gloves and woolen hat.

But keep one thing in mind. Altitude sickness is a major problem faced by tourists who take part in trekking expeditions in Bhutan. In course of the adventure, if you feel dizzy or suffer from a bad headache, then stop for a while and drink as much water as you can. In case the symptoms continue, and then you will need to come down from the mountain.

Fortunately, guides here are well trained to handle such situations with care. They will strictly follow the trekking rules to ensure that you are able to complete the trekking expedition safely.

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