Travel Tips, Bhutan

Travel Tips

Medical Discretion:

Though Bhutan is a place that will rather revitalize your mind and body alike, medical care is nowhere ignored in this country. You can find the advanced medical facilities at the general hospital situated in the capital city, Thimphu. As a precautionary measure, you should avoid consuming unboiled water during your stay. Also, Bhutan being situated at a considerable height, people tend to develop altitude sickness and sometimes suffer respiratory illness. If you notice any such symptoms, you can consider visiting the local physician for specialized advice.

The general medicines that treat sickness such as those for fever, headache, etc. are available in the respective medicine shops. It is again recommended in your best interests, to carry sufficient medicine of your own to avoid any side-effect etc. As a tourist, you may also like to consult your doctor prior to making the trip to Bhutan so as to dismiss all health concerns before the journey begins.


Clothing will depend on the season you plan to visit Bhutan. For summers, you can prefer wearing loose and light clothes that you are comfortable carrying yourself in. Evenings are cold, and you will require warm, woolen clothes that can help your body retain its essential temperature. And when in autumn or rains, you can wear clothes compatible with the seasons. Since you may want to travel to places located on mountains, it is advised that you carry some jacket, hat, gloves, etc. to avoid undesired circumstances.

Make sure you wear appropriate dress so that you do not look alien between the gracious and pious monasteries, palaces and other important spots. Take hiking boots and sports shoes if you are a fan of trekking. The bottom line is to stay comfortable and secure from climatic disruptions. You may also like to carry some essential accessories such as sunglasses, lip balms, sunscreen lotions as per your practice and physical needs.

Currency Exchange :

Though Bhutan is a nation that treats kindness and compassion as its primary currency, you will still need your foreign money exchanged for its Bhutanese equivalent. The best place to get your cash converted is at the Paro airport exchange desk itself. As a matter of fact, Indian Rupees continue to be accepted at par with the local currency, you may instead prefer getting Indian Rupees to meet your expense during the trip. However, there are few places in Bhutan where you will find cash machines or ATM. So the best advice for foreign enthusiasts carrying US $/ Euros/traveler cheques is to get them converted at some authorized place, recognized by the Bhutanese government.

Luggage constraints :

To adhere to security regulations, tourists can consider traveling light, preferably with only one hand baggage. Speaking of the dimension, the handbag should not exceed 100x100x100 cubic centimeters and have a weight, not more than five kilograms. Your luggage may comprise of (but not restricted to ) one of the following:

  • Ladies’ Purse 42
  • Accessories such as umbrella, overcoat, walking sticks, etc
  • Reading material such as books, magazines
  • For physically less-privileged tourists, wheelchairs or a pair of crutches are allowed

Briefcases, personal devices such as transistor radios, mobile phones, camera, typewriters, etc. is not to be associated with other luggage. They are subject to payment of an extra payment, in case the total weight of your luggage exceeds the stipulated free baggage allowance.

Make sure the contents of your hand baggage get checked at the appropriate counters at Paro airport and other places when asked.

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