Travel Requirements

Travel Requirements for Visiting Bhutan

Traveling to the majestic and chivalric place of Bhutan takes no such hard efforts, one can any time book a holiday package from any of the tour operators either international or local and reach this place of happiness and bliss.

The monarchical government is so kind that they have set a parameter for the holiday packages to Bhutan so that one can visit this enigmatic place and explore this beautiful part of the world anytime. Moreover, one can pay the prices for the holiday packages after the arrival also.

Given below are some highlighting points for the visitors who are travelling to Bhutan or wishes to go to Bhutan.

Visa formalities


If you are native to the neighbouring country of Bhutan namely India, Maldives and Bangladesh then you do not need a visa to visit this alluring place. But the resident of the countries like Pakistan, America, Australia, Sri Lanka then you need to have a visa for travelling to Bhutan. Visa to all the visitors are issued from Thimphu, and for the issuance one need to visit the nearest foreign traveling agency or the tour and travel operator who will issue you a visa. They will submit your visa to the Bhutan authorities and after that the processing process will start and after reaching you can collect your visa from the visa clearance department while making a trip to Bhutan.

  • Passport Validity



If you are traveling to Bhutan and want to explore the natural beauty of this sensational country and want to stay for more than 6 months, then you need to contact with Honorary Consuls of Bhutan.

As the passport here is valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date, you entered into this country.

The Bhutan tourism department has settled down a non-negotiable minimum daily tariff for all the visitors traveling to Bhutan. You do not need to pay extra charges for all the services you avail in Bhutan, on rate includes everything; for instance, one price includes all the accommodation, transportation, cultural programs and services of licensed guide whenever available.


  • Daily Tariff

If you are visiting to Bhutan in a group of 3 or more persons the minimum tariff rates you need to pay:

  • Low season tariff (January, June, July) : – If you are visiting here in low seasons than the minimum tariff rate would be US $ 2o0 per person per night halt.
  • High season Tariff (February, March, April, May, August, September, October, November , December): – If you wish to explore this country in high season then you need to pay as much as the US $ 250 per person per night halt.
  • Surcharge

If you are visiting Bhutan with less than three then you are not subjected to pay the tariff instead you shall be obliged to pay surcharge, which is:

  • Single individual will be subjected to pay US $ 40 per night halt
  • Group of 2 persons will be subjected to pay US $ 30 per person per night halt.

Furthermore, you will not be offered the 10% agency commission deduction, and you shall have to pay to the agents abroad.

Cancellation and Delay

    • Cancellation of program

      You can also cancel your programmed tour but, in that case, you shall be subject to pay cancellation charges accordingly: -

      • 25% of rate- Within 30 days of start of program
      • 45% of rate – Within 21 days
      • 50% of rate- Within 14 days
      • 75% of rate – Within 7 days
      • 100% of rate – less than 7 days or without notice
      • 100% of rate – After arrival in Bhutan
    • Delay in Arrivals

In case, you have delayed your arrival and departure due to some weather or health issues then you do not need to pay any extra charge. But in that case, you will yourself bear the additional cost of accommodation, transportation, and food.

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