Tips that Can Make Your Bhutan Visit Memorable


Unlike other countries, this blissful country is famous for measuring the happiness level instead of income. Going on a trip to that country is in itself a delight and I think one should never miss this opportunity at any cost. That is why there are some tips given below that can make your journey even more better. These tips, apart from being a quick guide to your trip, will give you an insight what you need and when you must visit.

Necessary Things That You Must Care About

  • For people who are prone to motion sickness :- Make sure you bring some medication for you to prevent health issues. Also, it is better to consult your physician about whether you should take the trip.
  • For people who will be carrying lots of electrical equipment with them :- Bring some multi-purpose electrical plug with you as most of the hotels in Bhutan have limited electrical plugs.
  • For the music lovers :- If you are a music or specifically radio lover, then you can turn on 92, 99.9 and 96.5 FM to listen western songs. Also, you can enjoy many local songs on the local radio stations.
  • Bargaining lovers :- If you are someone who cannot resist the temptation of bargaining with shopkeepers, try to understand that you will not much discount packages here. On an average, you should not expect getting more than 10% of discount. Luckily for you, there is not much of inflated price in Bhutan, so you might not even need to bargain and will perhaps get a good value for your money.



Best Time to Visit Bhutan


Knowing the best seasons before visiting Bhutan is the best tip I can give you. So here they are: April-May, September and October; these are the months in which you can find all that you want. The months of September and October will be colder than other months; you will find blue sky and not so muddy land. In the months of April and May, you may experience the 1 to 2 hours of drizzle in both morning and evening.


End in Luxury

After hours of traveling, it might indeed be troublesome for you to begin exploring this beautiful part of the world without taking any rest. So before you begin your tryst with the exotic Nature, you should look for a luxurious accommodation for yourself. To make things work better and more convenient for you,you can consider staying at a luxurious 5-star hotel. During the short stay, you will get sufficient time to relax and reduce the fatigue level. Once you are refreshed, you can gladly take the exit from the hotel and start exploring the beautiful places of Bhutan.

Gangtey Valley Nature Trail

Peak Periods

The peak periods in Bhutan are March, April, October and November. So if you plan to visit Bhutan in these peak periods, you need to be extra-careful in booking the flight tickets, hotel accommodation etc. Due to a rush in these peak periods, getting the preferred deals can become cumbersome, so instead of waiting in a queue or paying extra for something, try planning way before the time you want to visit Bhutan. Ideally, you should try booking tickets etc., in two or three months advance so as to get better deals and packages.


Plan Around Festivals

There are so many festivals taking places across various parts of Bhutan, and they are nothing less than a Hollywood blockbuster. The people of Bhutan celebrate their festivals with great pomp and show. The festivals celebrated here are full of colors and joy.

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