Taktsang Monastery: A Center Point of Paradise


Bhutan, “The Land of Thunder Dragon”, is a place known for its religious and cultural values. One is already in a seventh heaven whenever anyone mentions Bhutan nearby. And the definition of Bhutan will be incomplete if you do not mention Taktsang in it.


Taktsang is the  bejeweled crown of Bhutan. This enchanted splendid monastery is snuggled amidst the mystifying environment of Bhutan. To reach the height of this monastery, one has to go through the zero-visibility zones. Envelopes into the sumptuously soft cotton wool mist, one have to put in considerable efforts to reach the top. Nevertheless, all these soft cotton wool mist and zero visibility cannot deter one’s enthusiasm.

Taktsang has so many stories beneath its monastery. They say that the name (Tiger’s nest) of this monastery is after the Guru Padmasambhava who flew onto this cliff riding on a tigress and meditated here in the Taktsang Senge Samdup cave. Since then, this monastery is known as tiger’s nest monastery.


There can be little disagreement in claiming that Taktsang monastery is the Himalayan paradise where occultism and spirituality form a part of the of life. This monastery is one of the most enthralling sites in the world. Because of its pulchritudinous natural visuals, this monastery comes to the mind instantly whenever anyone talk about the monasteries having captivating sights.


Visiting Bhutan is surely one’s dream when it comes to exploring natural beauty and religious monasteries. Bhutan is one such place whose GDP is calculated on the basis of happiness. I do not think there is any other place in the entire universe where there is such an organized way to inculcate the happiness.


Sit atop at the height of 3120 meters above sea level, Taktsang monastery consists of 7 temples that are the ideal place for the religious people. Taktsang is known as the world’s most get-able and loved tourist destination. If one has visited here, he will never go to love any other places. Apart from catching the glimpse of this majestic monastery one can also enjoy a participated in multiple ongoing festivals in the paro valley.


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