Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s nest)

Taksang (Tiger Nest)

Five kilometres from Kyichu Lhakhang is the Taktsang monastery (Tiger’s nest as it is called) complex. According to legend, the eighth century Buddhist mystic, Guru Padma Sambhava, popularly known as Guru Rinpoche (or the Precious Teacher) landed here on the back of a flying tigress on his second visit to Bhutan, where he meditated for three months. The original temple was built around the spot where he landed and meditated. The monastery complex, composed of several other temples, came into being much later.

One of the most sacred pilgrimage sites in the country, it was completely destroyed by fire in 1998, but was rebuilt with government initiative to its former glory. Taktshang, built on a sheer rock face 900 feet above the valley floor, makes for a very impressive sight. It is a two-hour hike through moss-laden pine forests from the road head.

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