Bhutan Language

Bhutan is one of the countries in the south Asia that shares the same trend of accommodating diversity. Like other countries of South Asia, Bhutan is diverse in various aspects. Linguistically Bhutan has natives who speak over more than eighteen dialectics. The geographical variation of the land contributes to the various dimensions of culture. Be it food, clothing, language, etc. the diversity is a decisive variable to the existence of Bhutan.
Ngalops of western Bhutan speak Dzongkha; Dzongkha is the national language of Bhutan. Dzongkha was primarily spoken in the monasteries that are primary centers of administration.Tshanglakha and the Lhotshamkha are the other widely spoken languages. In Eastern Bhutan Tshanglas, native language is Tshanlakha, whereas Lhotshamkha is the used by southern Bhutanese people who are of Nepali origin.
Like various other indigenous aspects of culture that are on the verge of extinction, several languages like Monkha and the Gongduepkha of Bhutan are also fading away in popular dialectic. The Lepchas, Sherpas and the Tamangs in southern Bhutan have their dialect. Mangdepkah, Khengkha, Bumthapkha and Cho Cha Nga are spoken by Mangdepkah, Khengpas of Central Bhutan, Bumthaps and Kurtoeps community respectively.

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