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Situated amidst the most exotic and breathtaking terrains, Bhutan has managed to connect its major cities and towns through conjoining road networks. The high passes of the mountains or the thrilling valleys, you have a road to everywhere in Bhutan. Taking the traveler through many twists and curves, the road system is intelligently designed to adapt to the diversely heterogeneous topology of Bhutan. And that’s the thrill that draws countless explorers to this mountainous paradise of Asia. So, if you are an adventure-worm, Bhutan is where you need to experience Life.

Getting Around


Another remarkable feature of Bhutan’s road network is the sheer ascents and descents that will compel your vehicle to slow down and move rapidly now and then. So even when your car’s velocity would not exceed more than 25 miles per hour, you will love seeing the natural landscape that comes on the way. Just ensure that the driver is trained and has the experience to drive on such roads, for it can be quite troublesome for a stranger to drive in this irregular road network.


Getting Around

Or if you plan to take tourist buses, you will get additional comfort and of course, the guide will keep you informed about everything that you get to see in the valleys. Dense green forests, heart-throbbing temples and ancient monasteries, strong and silent mountain ranges, simply awesome villages, you only have to look beyond and the peaceful world will penetrate deep in your hearts.

Though the roads are secure with proper seals and administerial patrolling, the rides may still be a bit too bumpy due to the single-lane, narrow road passage. But Bhutanese people are accustomed to driving in these situations, and they know their land better than any driver. Also, by nature, they are careful and sincere people, so choosing to travel with a local driver will eradicate the possibilities of any accident during the trip.

Want to drive your vehicle?

Indian tourists can very well bring in their cars or jeeps. They will, however, need to get the permission from the concerned administrative authority. Visitors from other foreign countries can also bring in their mode of transportation, provided the Road Safety and Transport Authority (or just RSTA) endorses the required documents, from license to vehicle ownership papers.

Restricted zones need you to have Route permit

Visiting places beyond the permit free zones will require you to have a proper route permit. Thimpu, the national capital, and Paro regions are permit-free, and you can wander as freely as an eagle. But in case you plan to explore more of Bhutanese landscape, you will have to ask for permission from the immigration office. You can visit the immigration office in Thimpu (323127/F-321078), or rather get our local Tour operators to help you get the route permits issued at the time of visa clearance.


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Bhutan respects its ancient heritage and so has some select places that are restricted for tourists. Don’t worry, almost all the religious sanctuaries are open for tourists. However, if you cannot resist visiting the restricted places, you will have to collect a special permit. For information regarding it, please consult any official from the Department of Culture(322694).

Tourist buses: a smart choice

Since the roads in Bhutan run on irregular plateaus and mountain slopes, the roads are just optimally large and so larger buses are not a good choice. Most tourist buses running in Bhutan are medium-sized, having twenty to twenty-two seats for accommodation. You can also find smaller buses, offering around ten to twelve seats. So, if you are a small team of six to twelve people, you can hire a small bus and have your team enjoy the trip together. Or if you want to meet strangers to encounter new cultures, you may get to a mid-size bus as well.


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