Gangtey Goenpa/Phobjikha

GangteyIn the mountains east of Wangduephodrang lies the beautiful Phobjikha valley, on the slopes of which is situated the great monastery of Gangtey, established in the 17th century. The village of Phobjikha lies scattered on the valley floor. This quiet, remote valley is the winter home of black-necked cranes (Grus nigricollis), which migrate from the arid plateaus of Tibet and the plains of Siberia in the north, to pass the winter months in a milder climate.

Testimonials Sometimes a packaged holiday comes so much with a predefined set of takeaways, but The Destination Bhutan offered so much freedom of choice that it did not feel like a packaged holiday at all.

KH Zaman
Buffalo, New York

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