Best Time to Travel to Bhutan

What is culture?

What makes Bhutan so unique in this world of TV and Internet, where each culture is slowly merging into one another, in the inevitable process of globalization? It can be summed up in one word: culture.

Bhutan, the smallest nation, is one place where culture manifests in the way people live in: the way we dress, speak or conduct ourselves, shaped over the years by the Mahayana Buddhism. As it is, Bhutan is the last bastion of Himalayan Buddhism.

Buddhism has influenced all facets of life, art, architecture, literature, songs and dances, our societal norms, basically covering our approach to life here and hereafter. As you drive through the country, you will notice prayers flags fluttering on the hilltops, prayers written on rock faces or turning of mani dungkhor containing prayer scripts, enclosed in small chorten prototypes over streams, breaking the silence of the surrounding with a tinkle of a small bell, as it makes one full circle.

Watch the beauty in the swirl of a masked dancers dancing to the crashing crescendo of traditional gongs, cymbals and clarinets during tshechu festivals. Admire the grandeur of massive fortresses dominating the valley or an obscure temple ensconced in the folds of the mountains. Enjoy the pristine natural environment, wild life, wide open space under the blue sky, turquoise glacial lakes up in the mountains and the terraced valleys where people grow rice, barley, wheat, and vegetables and fruits.

Testimonials Sometimes a packaged holiday comes so much with a predefined set of takeaways, but The Destination Bhutan offered so much freedom of choice that it did not feel like a packaged holiday at all.

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