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Kingdom Bhutan will take you to the land of Happiness. Now, don’t take amiss – when we mean happiness, we mean something that transcends beyond the senses. We are talking of “calm abiding,” and peace of mind that enables you to look into yourself, so you can develop a new perspective through which you view your life.

That’s what we want to offer. For, guests are like gods. Only the lucky ones receive the opportunity to serve them. In the happiness of the guests lies the happiness of the hosts; the assurance that they fulfilled their duty.

Thus, to say that we treat our clients the way that we treat our family members and friends is to lower the high regard and esteem that the guests are held in a Bhutanese home. We know only this approach will give satisfaction to our clients and also serve us well in the long run. That is the difference that we would like to maintain (without comparing ourselves with others).

We know the people who visit Bhutan want something uniquely different – what they want to see, enjoy or explore. Our package is designed accordingly, not randomly on the assumption what our clients expect to see. And in the process, quality is not compromised in any area.

Destination Bhutan is operated by a group of professional people, who are aware of the needs of the different interests of the clients. A family venture, you are guaranteed with the best hospitality in the country, a homely stay assisted by highly professional, skilled and experienced personnel.

For the best services, diversity, reliability and homelike atmosphere when you are away from home, come to us.

Our services include holiday in Bhutan, Bhutan culture tours, treks, festival tour package, biking, river sports, exclusive tours, tailor-made trips, air ticketing, reservations for walk-in visitors, hotel reservations, car rental, consultancy, events, MICE, etc.



Testimonials Sometimes a packaged holiday comes so much with a predefined set of takeaways, but The Destination Bhutan offered so much freedom of choice that it did not feel like a packaged holiday at all.

KH Zaman
Buffalo, New York

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